Going with the Flow


CBD Products See Significant Growth in Convenience


Newly Introduced Modern Oral Nicotine Pouches See Major Volume Increase
Strong Growth Seen Despite Availability Challenges
The Current State of Cigarettes/OTP


Confection Trends 2021
Gum and Mints Growth Expected to Return
Plan to Place Your Seasonal Confection Orders Through VTS


Pre-Packaged Snacking has Become a Practical Nutrition Option
Manufacturers are Creating Products for the Health of It


Inflation Pressures Continue
Breakfast Is Making a Comeback
How Can C-stores Capitalize on Current Business Models?

General Merchandise

MLB Shipper Opportunity

Grocery: Edible

Remain Diverse to Meet Consumer Needs

Grocery: Non-Edible

Pantry Fill-Ins Can Increase Purchases

Health, Beauty & Wellness

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)–Emerging from the Pandemic
Energy Drinks & Shots Decline–Bounce Back with 5-hour ENERGY®
PPE: Meeting Consumer Needs for COVID-19

Packaged Beverage

What’s on Trend for Beverages in 2022
Habits Developed During COVID Will be Sustaining
Look to Options in 2021 that Promote Health and Wellness

Private Label

Private Label-Growing Much Faster than National Brands

Snacks: Cookie/Cracker/Alternative

Cookies—A Sweet Way to Drive Sales
It’s a Balancing Act

Snacks: Meat

Meat Snack Growth is “En Fuego”
Meat Snacks “Meating” Customer Expectations

Snacks: Nutritional

Not All Bars are Created Equal
C-Stores Account for $1 of Every $5 Spent in the Nutritional Category

Snacks: Packaged Bakery

Americans Still Crave Treats

Snacks: Salty

Snack-Trend Predictions for 2022
Salty Snacks – A Year in Review
2020 Snacking Trends


Assessing Glove Limitations During COVID