By: Dawn Letson | Category Manager

As consumers start to move back into new the post-pandemic routine, breakfast on-the-go is seeing a huge resurgence, and c-store are responding with new and innovative breakfast offerings. Limited time offers (LTOs) such as a waffle breakfast sandwich with fried chicken breast or sausage and egg keep the selections interesting and remain on the menu as long as sales remain strong. Both handheld and knife-and-fork options help enhance breakfast offerings. Below are some examples of current items that are trending:

  • Focus on fresh
  • Made onsite
    • breakfast sandwiches and burritos
  • Innovative sandwich ingredients
    • waffles, flatbreads, french toast
    • fried chicken, chorizo
  • Added-on side items increasing register ring
    • hashbrowns, potato bites, fresh fruit
  • Knife-and-fork meals
    • biscuits and gravy
    • breakfast platter
  • Tried and true grab-n-go options
    • doughnuts
    • muffins
    • pastries

Source: Breakfast Bounces Back, Convenience Store Decisions, Dec 2021