By: Chad Dewberry | Product Director

The pandemic has changed the American way of life in many ways. One huge shift is when, where and what people are eating. As of 9/11/2020, Acosta research shows 31% of consumers are now eating lunch at home every day versus 18% before the pandemic. Many consumers are also looking for meal options that offer functional nutrition. Nutrition Corp has a group of meals that fit this need., CDL Meals offer consumers quality foods full of functional nutrition.

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a couple of these meals and was not disappointed. If you read the nutritional facts on products like most of us, you will start to see where CDL meals differentiate from other frozen/refrigerated meals. For example, their Salsa Verde Chicken casserole delivers 400 calories, 36g of protein, and 38g of carbs while maintaining lower sodium levels (460mg) compared to like items. CDL meals would be great for consumers looking for take-home meals or those traveling and unable to cook. For more information on CDL meals, please contact your McLane Sales teammate.