By: Andrea Taylor | Purchasing Specialist

Cleanliness is one of the first things a consumer notices when visiting a convenience store. Consumers are unlikely to give a store another chance if the first impression was that of an unsanitary and disorganized establishment.

C-Store Cleanliness
A quick stop at a c-store is a part of many people’s daily routine. Whether stopping for a bite to eat or a bathroom break, it is important to walk into a clean store. Consumers expect prepared food to be stored, handled and served under sanitary conditions. A single store could see sales and customers decrease should they fail to maintain cleanliness. Outside of product selection and customer service, cleanliness can make or break a store’s success. The cleaner the store, the better the consumer experience and store profitability.

Along with general cleanliness, stores should consider offering user-friendly tools for maintaining a clean and presentable business. Ensuring that hands-free paper towels dispensers, hand sanitizer dispensers or motion sensor hand dryers are available can result in higher consumer satisfaction and comfort. If shoppers are comfortable in the store, they will probably spend more time there, resulting in a more beneficial experience for themselves and the retailer