By: Kirk Bailey | Product Director

On the heels of the vaccine rollout, the country is returning to normal. C-store traffic for the summer months is projected to be strong as people are ready to travel. This means increased sales and opportunities for the retail industry, especially in the convenience channel. Being a source of comfort for consumers, the cookie category continues to drive core snacking and center-store growth:

  • Cookies represent 20% of “Core Snacking”: Core Snacking includes chocolate, cookies, crackers, gum, non-chocolate and cough 
  • Sales for indulgent snacks have increase by 28% year-to-date, with cookies increasing by 10.2%
  • 35% of cookie purchases are impulsive
  • Cookies have become treats for all occasions:
  • 75% are occasional Indulgence-treat yourself
  • 53% are an everyday snack
  • 50% are dessert-something to eat after a meal

Cookies can also help drive additional sales within other categories in the channel such as hot and cold beverages, water, flavored beverages along with other snack and candy items.

Sources: Nielsen Snacking Report – Total USxAOC + Convenience YTD 10/24/20; Commonplace Cookie Analysis June 2018