By: Kirk Bailey | Product Director

Meat snacking continues to be an area in the convenience store channel where customers are looking for taste and healthy options while making animal and environmental welfare top priorities. Consumers are increasingly focused on their own health and that of the planet, and meat snacks are striving to meet those expectations. Below are a few topics driving the category:

  • Flavor Options—Taste and flavor are still some of the top priorities. Some of the top flavors currently are smoked, teriyaki, and barbeque. Also, over the last few years, meat options have expanded beyond beef into bison, chicken, and pork, to name a few. No-sugar alternatives have also been hitting the market recently.
  • Better for You—New jerky entries into the high-protein category grew at 3.1% from 2016–2019. As more consumers look for healthier choices, meat snacks have caught their eye when making purchases.
  • Environmental Concerns—More and more consumers are interested in how their products come to market. Are they non-GMO? What is the welfare of the animals in the production process? How is this affecting the environment? And are the manufacturers giving back to their communities?

Meat snacks are nutritious, healthy, and portable snacks and have shown themselves to be resilient during the pandemic. Moving forward, innovation will be driving the meat snack category.

Source: NCA: Candy & Snack Today