By: Kraig Morrison | Category Manager

The volume of nicotine pouch cans increased 99.6% during the six-month period ending February 6, 2021. This compares to the moist snuff category can volume decline of -.8%. Since new modern oral is basically a smokeless tobacco product, it makes sense that it would impact other ‘round can’ smokeless products such as moist snuff. Based on current sales rates and production capacity, new modern oral is expected to grow 40% – 50% over the next 12 months, putting further pressure on moist snuff products. The days of 4% – 5% moist snuff volume increases are history. With frequent manufacturer price increases, moist snuff has become a profit generator for both manufacturers and retailers and is no longer gaining total smokeless tobacco market share. Basically, moist snuff is being treated the same as cigarettes. New modern oral still has a way to go to catch up with moist snuff, however, as the average large convenience chain sells 223 moist snuff cans per store per week as opposed to 36 cans per store per week for new modern oral.

  • Higher nicotine levels are the major drivers of new modern oral volume, with 6mg and higher accounting for 66% of total category volume.
  • Mint flavored new modern oral products (mint, cool mint, spearmint, and peppermint) account for 46% of category can volume, with wintergreen next at 22%.
  • The largest new modern oral brand (ZYN at 77% of category volume) has recently cracked the top 10 of all OTP/ITP brands; coming in at #10 in units per store per week and #9 in dollar sales per store per week. In large convenience chains ZYN dominates and drives 25 cans per store per week, while the second new modern oral brand (On!) accounting for 7 cans per store per week.
  • Brands to consider are ZYN, ON, Rouge and VELO.


Nielsen Large Convenience Chain database

24 weeks ending 2-6-21

32 large convenience chains and about 20,000 stores