By: Christina Carranza | Category Manager

This year we have seen an increase in healthier clean energy snack options with natural sweetening selections. The pre-packaged snack area continues to develop and has become a practical nutrition option. The younger generation Z strives for natural ingredients and is more educated than ever before. They continue to look for key ingredients such as elderberry, zinc, calcium, and natural vitamins that benefit their health. Finding solutions that help them on the go has become an essential element of success in this category. We continue to enhance our on-the-go product selections with immunity-building ingredients. Some of the key products we recommend are balanced snack packs, fruit and veggie bundles, and probiotic yogurts that offer vital proteins and promote digestive health. Some of our top new items are the organic remedy items, Volpi wraps, Sargento Balanced Breaks, and multi-packs that include protein, dairy, and crackers. We know that providing these strategic options will drive traffic into these locations to benefit consumers and retailers.