By: Kirk Bailey | Product Director

In 2020, Salty Snacks continued to bring customers to the category with new products and healthier items. However, 2020 also saw a decrease in sales of 6.1%, largely due to fewer store visits, according to IRI. Potato and tortilla chips saw the biggest decline, down 7.6% and 5% respectively.

Store operators have a positive outlook for 2021. There are signs across the country that things are getting better, and all indicators point to a very “robust” summer travel season. Retailers are excited and are planning accordingly to drive sales. Preparations include:

  • Stocked shelves to meet customer needs
  • New, healthier options in the category
  • Secondary displays of promotional and new items
  • Innovative flavors on items
  • Popular spicy and hot flavor-profile items
  • New flavor profiles brought to the market by suppliers
  • Popular protein items in the chip set
  • Larger size or shareable bags that have been more in-demand through the pandemic (look for this trend to continue)

Source: CStore Decisions, March 2021