By: Dawn Letson | Category Manager

As we move into a new year and a “new normal,” we can expect to see an increased focus on nutrition, wellness, and social responsibility. The way consumers and corporations go about their daily activities affects not only how they work and play, but also how they snack. Here are some notable trends that we expect to affect the snack market in 2022.

  • Focus on rest, recovery and wellness
  • Sustainability and corporate responsibility
  • Bite-sized snacks and smaller serving sizes
  • Seaweed chips and snacks
  • Plantains and other Latin flavors
  • Celebrity-endorsed snack food partnerships
  • Recipes shared on TikTok
  • “Mood Foods” – vitamin/mineral-rich functional nutrition
  • Back to basics, i.e., whole foods

Source: The 2022 Live Kind Trend Report, CSP