By: Jennifer Childres | Data Analyst

Snacks registered bullish performance in dollar sales even as units slid, often a result of premium product innovation filling the pipeline and cost-conscious consumers cutting back after a year and a half of indulging in family-size packages.

  • Snacks continue to see strong performance, up 21% year-over-year in April.
  • Most segments are trending up in dollar sales, even as units fall.
  • All retail channels are growing snack dollar sales and outpacing pre-pandemic sales, except in drug chains, based on 52-week data from IRI ending April.
  • While the category has seen growth, many are worried that with continued inflation consumers will start having to choose between buying gas or something to eat.
  • Pack sizes continue to sell in c-stores, but single packs are growing as prices increase, as stimulus payments end, and inflation continues.

Sources: Perfetti Van Melle USA; IRI via CSP News