Trident Gum


Trident Pocket Pack Cinnamon
Pocket Pack grew 0.7pp share in 2021!
Consumers find Trident Pocket Pack significantly more convenient and portable than Extra 35 ct!3

1-Nielsen Connect xAOC+C Year-to-Date 01/01/22

Trident Mega Bubblegum
Teens present a strong targeting opportunity for Trident Mega Bubblegum to stand out as a fun, tasty, and exciting experience.1
Trident Mega generated top trial interest and marketplace endurance.1
Outstanding need/desire, trial interest and acceptable cost scores amongst teens.1
Consumers’ overall perceptions of key benefits like long-lasting flavor and perfect size of product exceeded in-going expectations.2
20% more gum than the largest competitive offering!3

1-Nielsen QuickPredict Consumer Study Jan ‘21

2-Nielsen MDLZ RCT GC Trident Max QU 163779 Sept ‘20

3-Competitive Assessment

Christy McCrary
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Promotion Requirements
Distribution Only

Key Dates
Begins: 1/1/23
Ends: 3/31/23