596557 – Dots Peg Bag 8 oz
Dots Peg gives consumers a new way to enjoy Dots!
Dots are NO LONGER just for the Movie Theater!
Perfect for on the go and immediate consumption.

596517 – Tootsie Fruit Chew Sours 7 oz
Most sour offerings are gummy. Sour + Chewy is untapped opportunity!
Sour candy draws younger consumers.
Fruit Chews Sours are the best tasting, mainstream sour candy.

612627 – Tootsie Bunch Pops 3.6 oz / 8 ct bunch
Lollipop segment and brand are on growth trend.
Bunch Pops format growing – unique and fits multiple needs of personal consumption and sharing.

Frank Mecca
[email protected]

Promotion Requirements
Distribution Only

Key Dates
Begins: 4/15/23
Ends: 5/31/23