McLane Company, Inc.

By CSD Staff — McLane is your supply chain advantage in action. Since 1894, McLane has made an unmatched investment in the profitability of our customers, whether they are single store operators, emerging multi-store operators, or large chains. With a powerful combination of retail supply chain and category experts, world-class infrastructure, nationwide buying power, and innovative technology services, we enable our customers to move beyond price-based competition and maximize their profitability.

Nationwide Buying Power- To effectively service nearly 110,000 retail locations, we work closely with thousands of manufacturers to offer the widest range of products to our customers. In fact, we are one of the largest worldwide purchasers of products in such key retail categories as tobacco, candy, and salty snacks. This kind of buying power means that we can assist you in getting the best manufacturer buying brackets possible.

Merchandising Solutions and Market Insights- A key advantage of working with McLane is the depth of our information resources and market insights. Our experienced category managers are ready to help with merchandising needs including inventory, pricing, category analysis, and product promotion. Solutions range from a 24×7 merchandising portal to an online (or mobile) virtual trade show, as well as center store profit-building programs, planogram services, and store resets. Our extensive data warehouse provides objective sales data and market insights to determine the best product mix scenarios and identify key selling opportunities.

Consumer Value Products (CVP)- McLane’s private label products subsidiary, CVP, offers a wide range of high quality, low cost products with over 240 SKUs in all major categories. CVP was created with our customers and the conscious consumer in mind who want great value for a reasonable price. Lower costs for consumers and higher margins for retailers are a true win-win opportunity.

Foodservice-at-Retail- McLane Kitchen is a solution developed for c-stores that want to take advantage of the growing foodservice-at-retail opportunity. It offers easy-to-implement turnkey solutions as well as comprehensive, custom solutions to generate optimum sales and profits for retailers. McLane Kitchen also encompasses the Fresh Produce+ program that provides fresh produce, cut fruit, snack trays, and produce racks to c-stores, regardless of location.

Technology Solutions- McLane’s technology solutions are designed to help customers buy better, sell smarter, and profit more. Grocery retailers have the never-ending challenge of dealing with thousands of SKUs, dozens of technology applications and various front and back office systems. Fortunately, our dedicated team of IT professionals is ready to help. Not only do we provide a broad range of custom applications, but we also help ensure that they integrate with major enterprise applications and POS hardware systems.

McLane Company, Inc. is one of the largest supply chain services leaders in the United States, providing grocery and foodservice solutions for convenience stores, mass merchants, drug stores and chain restaurants. Through McLane Grocery and McLane Foodservice, McLane operates over 80 distribution centers and one of the nation’s largest private fleets. The company buys, sells and delivers more than 50,000 consumer products to nearly 110,000 locations across the U.S. Additionally, McLane provides alcoholic beverage distribution through its subsidiary, Empire Distributors, Inc. McLane is a wholly owned unit of Berkshire Hathaway Inc (NYSE: BRK) and employs 20,000 teammates.

McLane Company, Inc.

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Source: Convenience Store Decisions