A unique capability available only to McLane customers, Live-Image Planograms are a powerful way to identify key products for optimum product placement in your retail locations. Working together with the McLane Space Management Team, you can leverage our extensive database of category and store sales data to identify items that should be added or deleted from your current product mix. Plus, by using these planograms, you can design your store shelves to deliver bigger impact and higher sales.

Key advantages

  • Adds value to standard store planograms and provides the ability to customize store product mix based on your unique business needs
  • Enhances merchandising communication between retailer, manufacturer and McLane representatives
  • Improves accuracy and space allocation for placement of products
  • Limits out-of-stocks resulting in missed sales
  • Provides product consistency across similar stores
  • Reduces time frames needed for reset activity
  • Convert planogram item data into Excel format for customer-level updates in the field

Space management: Value-added services

  • Provides individual replica planograms tailored to a specific need in addition to the customer specific set
  • Delivers recap of planogram changes by item upon completion
  • Imports/converts data from compatible software into Intactix with images
  • Runs a comparison to determine what items will be deleted from existing sets, as well as new item additions to a group of planograms
  • Researches planogram data to replicate information provided that is lacking unit ID numbers or UPC codes
  • Provides secondary hard copies of planograms to field personnel other than primary recipient of work

To find out more about how the Live-Image Planograms can help you sell smarter, contact your divisional sales representative.

Note: The McLane Space Management Team provides a “core” set of planograms for each regional grouping. The transition from the core planograms to live-image versions will improve the clarity and visualization of your retail layouts to enhance your sales opportunities. Customer-specific planograms are available through a replicating program that ties the live images to a customer’s standard planogram layout. Subsequent updates to the customer’s specific planogram are then available for a fee.


Live-Image Planograms Flyer

CLICK HERE to download a Live-Image Planograms Flyer.