McLane has the innovative technology tools that power c-stores forward. Our hardware and software solutions can foster organizational excellence in your stores, saving you time and money.


Back Office Management

A one-stop shop for retailers that communicates with major POS hardware providers. Benefits include centralized price book management, ability to setup and manage stores and distributors, fuel setup and management and more!

Delivery Tracker

An easy-to-use mobile application that enables you to track incoming deliveries and receive real-time status alerts via text message. This allows you to save time and money by making appropriate changes to your labor force if a delay occurs.

POMS Direct Store Delivery Mobile

The McLane Smart Handheld DSD application allows any product from any distributor to be checked in and accounted for in real-time, all from one single device. Benefits include the ability to generate credits, receive deliveries, take inventory, create shelf labels and other advantages.

Consumer Loyalty

Drive consumers to your business by using this mobile application to send push notifications and coupons. You can also post open job positions, identify the services and amenities at each store location and allow consumers to sign in using social media.

Customer Managed Inventory (CMI)

A perfect solution for retailers who are battling out-of-stocks, overstocked inventory, poor item mix or any inventory management issues. Key advantages include reducing overstocks, ordering based on actual POS sales and automating the order creation process saving hours each week.

McLane Link

This online portal allows you to access key information like order activity and operational metric data. The solution allows you to customize reports and resolve issues without ever needing to call your sales rep.

Inventory Control

Track perpetual inventory levels including your direct store delivery products. View store transfers, adjustments, credits and inventory counts as well as POS register sales. A seven-day rolling window allows for instant product tracking.

Ecommerce Ordering

An easy and accurate way to quickly identify and place orders online using your computer, tablet or mobile device. It includes promotions, new items and recently viewed products.