Honoring Our Heroes

November 10, 2023

Veterans Day is a special day for McLane as we pay tribute to the brave women and men who have served in the United States Armed Forces. McLane is proud of our veteran workforce, which represents 11 percent of our teammates, and strives to provide opportunities for those who have served to protect the many freedoms we have as Americans. In addition to being an employer of choice for armed forces veterans, McLane is also honored to be a partner to Retail Exchange Networks and Veterans Canteen Service for the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. 

Military exchanges provide merchandise and services for active duty, guard and reserve members, retirees, and their families—playing an important role in military base communities throughout the U.S. and around the world. Veterans Canteens are located within military hospitals, serving patients and their families, and hospital employees as well. Profits from exchanges and Veterans Canteens are invested back into their network by providing aid and support for active duty and retired service members, and their families.  

McLane’s first exchange partnership began with the Coast Guard in 2007. At the time, military organizations were experiencing supply chain challenges and McLane was able to leverage our expertise and nationwide distribution network to create efficiency and cost savings. McLane now serves 472 exchanges and canteens, made possible by the efforts of thousands of teammates across 23 distribution centers, support centers, and our corporate headquarters. We make more than 40,000 deliveries to exchanges and canteens every year, providing a range of items including grocery, frozen food, candy, snacks, and health, beauty, and wellness products. The products are provided to locations in the U.S. and internationally—spanning Africa, Asia and Europe—and bringing servicemembers a taste of home wherever they are.  

Through our collaboration with our military customers, McLane has had the opportunity to provide special assistance and shipments during disaster relief efforts domestically and internationally. McLane has also proudly supported special events for active duty and retired service members including the Wounded Warrior Games and an annual fishing trip. We are honored to continue serving these remarkable communities into the years ahead. 

As we reflect on Veterans Day, McLane extends its sincere respect and appreciation to our nation’s veterans—not just on this day, but every day of the year. Their dedication, selflessness, and commitment are a constant reminder of the strength, resilience, and unity that defines our great nation.