By: Kevin McIntyre  | October 25, 2023

A recent survey found that one in three respondents noted gas as the primary purchase that motivated them to visit a c-store, with dispensed beverages and pantry items following behind.

While it is no surprise that fuel remains the driving force when it comes to c-store visits, there are a variety of offerings that have proven to be essential for retailers looking to provide for their community and customer base.

Two options that stick out are cold dispensed beverages and pantry/grocery items.

A recent report by FoodserviceResults, working alongside CStore Decisions and the National Advisory Group (NAG), titled “Understanding the Food-Focused C-Store Shopper,” found that 10% of c-store shoppers consider cold dispensed beverages to be the “primary purchase” that motivated them to visit, with an additional 10% saying the same about pantry/grocery items.

Participants were also surveyed about frozen dispensed beverages, hot dispensed beverages/coffee, hot prepared foods and more.

The report surveyed 2,002 U.S. convenience store food and beverage customers about their purchasing behaviors.

Source: CStore Decisions