By: Kevin McIntyre  | October 27, 2023

A recent survey found that the generation exhibited a preference for both cold dispensed beverages and packaged beverages, compared to other generations.

With the beverage category constantly evolving and mutating, it is incredibly important as a retailer to understand your customers’ preferences.

A recent survey conducted by FoodserviceResults, with support from CStore Decisions and the National Advisory Group (NAG), found that Gen Z prefers cold dispensed and packaged beverages more than other generations.

The survey found that 37% of Gen Z customers purchased a cold dispensed beverage at their last c-store visit, and 24% purchased a packaged/bottled beverage.

Participants from four generations were surveyed about their c-store purchase behavior, with categories such as packaged foods/snacks, hot prepared foods and more being reported on.

The report, titled “Understanding the Food-Focused C-Store Shopper,” surveyed 2,002 U.S. convenience store food and beverage customers about their purchasing behaviors.

Source: CStore Decisions