By: Jennifer Childers | McLane Company Category Data Analyst

Two of the foundations of the C-store experience are speedy shopping and convenient access to planned and impulse products. McLane merchandising works with customers to optimize the front-end space and support a quick checkout for shoppers.

C-store shoppers do not want to wait in line and stores work hard to identify and address friction points to reduce the wait. In 2022, c-stores reported 52% of shoppers experienced zero wait time. Operators continue to work to reduce the friction at check-out by introducing self-checkout (SCO).

Stores that implement SCO reported 71% of shoppers had zero wait times, a 19% improvement over traditional checkout.

While improved wait times through SCO are a good thing for customers, it presents an opportunity for retailers. Front-end impulse purchases typically contribute to 10% of the basket. Shoppers will shop at a front-end counter while in line to check out and studies show at least 33% of them will buy from the counter displays.

The opportunity to optimize front end space in and around SCO and traditional checkout lines is ensuring impulse items are visible and within easy reach of shoppers. The McLane merchandising team has planograms available to maximize every basket.

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