March 22, 2024

A positive c-store shopping experience increasinglymeans reasonable prices

U.S. households continue to spend, but challenged with less disposable income, consumers are more cognizant of product prices these days and looking for a good value. According to the 2024 Convenience Store News Realities of the Aisle Study, which surveyed 1,500 consumers who shop a c-store at least once a month, 59% of participants said the No. 1 factor that defines “a positive shopping experience” for them is the price of products — up 5 points from a year ago. The survey, fielded at the beginning of this year, also revealed:

  • Compared to one year ago, 65% of convenience store shoppers say they are noticing price increases more now when they shop the channel.
  • Only 6% say they are noticing fewer price increases when they shop at c-stores, while 23% report that they are seeing the same amount as last year.


  • 38% of shoppers said they left without making a purchase
  • 32% said they purchased a different product type instead
  • 30% said they purchased the product anyway because they needed it
  • 27% said they went to a different store instead

Generation Z shoppers (aged 18 to 26) and millennial shoppers (aged 27 to 42) are the most likely to say they purchased a different product type instead — 46% for Gen Z and 40% for millennials — or they purchased the product anyway because they needed it — 43% for Gen Z and 37% for millennials.

When shoppers were asked which store brand products they bought at c-stores in the past month, packaged snacks (25%), hot beverages (25%) and prepared food (23%) topped the list.

Nonstore brand purchasers said, if available at convenience stores, they would be most interested in purchasing private label options in the following categories:
• Health and beauty care (37%)
• Nonedible grocery (35%)
• Cold/frozen dispensed beverages (33%)
• Packaged snacks (32%)
• Hot dispensed beverages (32%)
• Edible grocery (32%)

Source: Convenience Store News